How to Adjust Your Gutters And Downspouts

Your gutters and downspouts should be regularly checked in order to keep them functioning properly. Should you encounter a problem with the pitch of the gutter or with the downspout, be assured that these problems can be fixed very easily. Please read the information below which will help you to both correct the pitch of your gutters and the drainage of your downspout.

Correct the Gutter's Pitch

If you need to adjust your gutter's pitch, start by using a string or chalk line and mark where the gutter should be in order to allow proper water drainage. Keep in mind that the gutter should fall at least ΒΌ inch every 10 feet. Beginning with the downspout end, remove the gutter hangers two or three at a time and adjust. When your gutter has been placed to your marked and desired location, reattach it onto the gutter hangers.

Correct Downspout Drainage

To create better drainage for your downspout, you will want to dig trenches that slope away from your home and then place drainage pipes within them. Corrugated or PVC pipe are two great options for the drainage pipes as both will efficiently carry off the excess water.