How to Affix a Corner Shelving Unit to a Wall

What You'll Need
Corner Shelving Unit
Power Drill
Mounting Strips
Long and Thin Screws

Installing a corner shelving unit is an efficient way to create more storage space in your home. A corner shelving unit is able to bear heavier items than ordinary shelves because opposite angles are affixed to the wall. It is also an practical choice for homeowners as it makes use of unused corners without unattractive visible supports. Fixing a corner shelving unit to a wall yourself is not difficult if you follow the simple step-by-step instructions below.

Step 1 – Drill Holes

Use a power drill to drill holes on the wall. This is where mounting strips for your shelf will be placed. Make sure that the length of the mounting strips and the portion of the shelving unit to be pressed onto the wall has the same length.

Step 2 – Install the Corner Shelving Unit

Install the mounting strips by attaching them onto the wall with a screwdriver and mounting hardware. Make sure that the mounting strips are thick and wide enough so that the hollow portion of the shelf is able to slip over on top them. Then, slide the shelf over the mounting strips.

Step 3 – Secure the Corner Shelving Unit

Screw the long and thin screws with a screwdriver into the back of the shelving unit and the mounting strips to secure them.