How to Age and Cure Manure Properly

What You'll Need
Compost bin
Shovel or rake
Work gloves
Outdoor area for "rotting"

Manure is one of the most popular methods of improving the quality of your soil. To use manure properly you need to know how to age and cure it properly.

Step 1 - Source of Manure

Find a source of manure. There are several different varieties which you can use, including chicken and horse manure. Horse manure is the most popular type of manure because it's so common. Horses produce huge amounts of manure every day, if you can find a riding school or stables then you should have a ready supply of cheap manure.

Just slinging this manure onto your roses won't look very attractive. Before you can actually use the manure you need to actually rot it down.

Step 2 - Location for Pile

Fresh horse manure doesn't smell very nice, but once it's rotted down it has very little smell. You need to choose a location to mound up the manure so that it rots down. Important: Make sure you consider your neighbor's opinions.

It's possible to do this using open piles, however you will have much better success if you construct some form of compost bin to store it in. This will also make it much easier to turn the manure over. Turning the compost regularly is important as it speeds up the composting process.

Step 3 - Using the Manure

Horse Manure can be used anywhere on your garden and because it's not too high in nitrogen it doesn't cause root or leaf burn. Horse manure can be put on flowers, vegitables and many other types of plants.