How to Anchor a Storage Shed

What You'll Need
Measuring tape
Post hole digger
Wooden stakes
2x4 boards
4x4 beams
Miter saw

To properly secure a storage shed, you must anchor it to the foundation once the construction process is complete. A storage shed can only be an effective shelter for your gardening supplies, outdoor furniture and other outdoor supplies if it is sturdily anchored onto the concrete slab or platform it is positioned on so that it does not slip off or move. Depending on your foundation type you have different anchoring options, but here is some general information and a how-to guide for anchoring your shed on a platform.

Step 1: Measure & Mark your Storage Shed

The first thing you need to do is measure the area where the storage shed will be anchored. Once you have the size, mark the location for the post holes by placing a stake at every corner of the storage shed.

Step 2: Dig Post Holes

Use your post hole digger as directed on the manufacturer's instructions to dig post holes in these locations that are about 14 inches deep.

Step 3: Cut Posts

Take your 4x4 and using your measuring tape, mark every 20 inches off with a pencil. Cut the wood on the marks with your miter saw.

Step 4: Place and Set Posts

Put your four posts into the post holes and pour the concrete to fill the holes. There are many kinds of concrete available and depending on the kind that you purchase, the process here may be different. Some kinds require pre-mixing, where some you can simply pour the concrete in the holes and add water. Follow the instructions for your concrete and fill the holes. Let the posts dry overnight to allow the concrete the chance to set.

Step 5: Construct the Floor Frame

Use 2x4 boards to create a floor frame. Put two 2x4 boards the entire length of the wall on both sides of the frame. Using your measuring tape and pencil, mark both 2x4s every 14 inches. Add the remaining 2x4s by laying them on the marks you made and secure each board using framing nails and a hammer.

Step 6: Secure the Floor Frame

Set this frame on top of the posts and use your lag bolts to secure the two together.

Step 7: Securing the Shed

Finally, you will use your power drill to drill two holes into every 4x4 post and 2x4. Place lag bolts in these holes. Using a socket wrench, tighten the bolts. Be sure to offset these holes before drilling them to ensure that you do not overlap holes. Use nails or screws to secure your garden shed's frame to the platform you created.

This moderately difficult project can be completed over the course of a couple days if you have all the correct tools and supplies. Get planning today and have your storage shed secured and ready to go when you need it.