How to Anchor an EZ up Canopy

Lead Image
  • 8-12 hours
  • Beginner
  • 100-400
What You'll Need
Hand saw
A large diameter PVC pipe
8 PVC pipe fittings
Bungee cords
Permanent marker
Canopy stakes
4 coffee cans
Enamel paint

One way to enjoy the outdoors without burning yourself under the hot sun is the use of an EZ Up canopy. You can bring these canopies anywhere and use them for different occasions. The only problem with these portable tents is its susceptibility to fly away on a very windy day. There are a number of ways to anchor your EZ Up canopy, temporarily or permanently.

Step 1 – Make Tent Stakes

Saw the PVC pipe into 4 pipes about 3 feet tall. Attach a pipe fitting end cap to one end of each PVC pipe. Mix the concrete. Pour into each PVC pipe. Allow the concrete to dry about halfway to ensure proper curing. Weigh each piece of pipe and mark its weight on the side with a permanent marker. Attach the PVC pipe fitting caps to the top. Attach with three small bungee cords to each leg of the canopy. One on top, on the middle and on the bottom of the length of the PVC pipe.

Step 2 – Make Canopy Stakes

Canopy stakes are similar to tent stakes but are bigger in size. Just like tent stakes, they will only work if the canopy is set up in a grassy area. This option cannot be used on sand, as it will not have enough traction for the stakes to stay in place. Take the rope and thread it around the bars forming the roof of the canopy. Push the stake well into the ground and make sure it is secure. The best way is to position the stakes on the outer corner of each leg of the canopy, diagonally. Pin the stakes to the ground pointing inwards. The stakes should be at least a foot away from the sidewalls of the tent canopy. Then thread the rope through the stake and tie with a strong, triple knot.

Step 3 – Make Canopy Feet

Adding canopy feet is a permanent way to make the canopy heavier and more resistant to the wind. This technique of anchoring can permanent way to make the canopy heavier and can be used if the ground is either sand or soil. Mix the concrete and pour it into 1 coffee can. Place the bottom of 1 canopy leg into the concrete, and push the leg way down. Either hold the leg in place or prop it so that it will stay in the middle while drying.

The best way to do this is to set up the canopy in the backyard, then place the coffee cans with concrete on the bottoms of the legs and let dry. Positioning the legs in the middle of the concrete will make sure that once the concrete dries on all four legs, the canopy will be standing evenly. Repeat the process for the rest of the legs. Smooth the top of the wet concrete so there is a flat, even surface around the leg. Once dry, paint the coffee cans so they are aesthetically pleasing. Either green to match the grass or white to match the legs or whatever color you like.