How to Anchor Your Toolbox in the Back of a Truck

woman standing next to toolbox in back of a truck
What You'll Need
Pair of pliers or screwdriver
Screws, bolts and nuts
Foam or padding material
Measuring tape.
Protective overalls
Working Gloves

A toolbox can be anchored on a rig's bed to add secure space for storing equipment. Safe, lockable toolboxes come in different styles and sizes and can be made from different materials such as steel, aluminum, and plastic. Mounted it to the truck will protect against theft and keep it from sliding around. Here’s how to anchor a toolbox to the bed of your truck.

Step 1 - Obtain Quality Materials

Start by buying a quality truck box and foam or padding materials. Foam or padding sheets should be of the same dimensions as the toolbox. Measure the upper side of the new or existing toolbox and buy foam material with similar measurements. This helps to prevent wear and tear to both the truck bed and the box.

It is advisable to buy screws or bolts and nuts depending on what is required to fix the toolbox in place. Most of these supplies can be bought from a nearby hardware store.

Step 2 - Get Correct Measurement

tape measure

Use measuring tape to get the size of the toolbox. Inspect the truck bed and look for the best position to place the box. Keep in mind the dimension of the toolbox, how the cover opens, and the operations of the lock. Locate a position that will comfortably accommodate the toolbox with all these factors being considered.

Step 3 - Foam Material

Use the foam material and make sure it has correct measurements. It protects the storage box from damage and it also preserves its paint job. Place it in position on the truck’s bed rail before mounting the toolbox.

Step 4 - Anchor Toolbox

toolbox in the back of a truck

Depending on the design of the toolbox, fix it on the truck bed and make sure it is secure. For plastic truck boxes, use a drill to drive holes through it and secure the appliance either using screws or bolts and nuts.

For metal boxes, find the hardware that comes together with the appliance or use drill bits made for metal. You can buy special j-bolts that are used to anchor the toolbox on the truck bed. These are fixed into pre-drilled holes to keep the toolbox in place.

Check whether j-bolts are placed in pre-drilled holes in the toolbox. Put them in each slot if they are not in position. Fix the toolbox on the bed rail and make sure its bottom is well padded by the foam material.

Lift the cover and locate the holes inside the storage box. From beneath the toolbox, position the hook of the j-bolt under the bed rail. Take rubber plugs and fix them on the threaded part. Place the nuts in position and use a pair of pliers to fix them tightly. Do not use too much pressure.


  • Inspect tool boxes regularly and clean them to remove dirt, mud and debris
  • When anchoring the toolbox on the bed rail, do not fix it too tightly. This can damage the truck’s bed rail.