How to Apply Absorption Refrigeration to Your Refrigerator

What You'll Need
kerosene burner
fuel tank
temperature guages
vents for heat expulsion
Various wrenches and tools

Absorption refrigeration is a type of refrigeration using heat to produce cold. Most are used with either kerosene or bottled gas. The refrigerators we use in our homes today are called vapor compression refrigeration. They consist of a condenser, expansion valve, evaporator, vapor (refrigeration coolant) and the refrigerated region or the box. We are going to tell you how to add to this refrigerator to make it able to run without electricity and use, in this case, kerosene.

Step 1 - Setting Up

On the back of the refrigerator you need to take the backing off. There you will see the condenser coils from the coolant that goes into refrigerator and cools it. You need to set up the generator so that it will plug the refrigerator unit into the generator You are going to have a kerosene fuel tank, burner, wick, flame spreader, wick cleaner, etc all together. These should be on the kit that you buy and should give you the assembly instructions. Follow the instructions to assemble and connect these ote,s together.

Step 2 - Installing the Burner

You are going to install one side of the generator into the condenser and then the expansion valve on this side into the absorber. The kerosene burner is similar to the old kerosene lamps. It has a wick that is in the fuel and the heat produced to produce the cool is controlled b the heat of the burner. Once you set up the burner, fill the fuel tank and attach all the the parts to the top of the burner base.

T=You are going to end up with the flue top at the top of the refrigerator. This is where all the exhaust gases and soot will be exhausted out. The winder rod is used to control the flame height. The temperature is controlled by the raising and lowering of this flame.You are going to run the lines from the kerosene system into the the generator which will pump the heat into the closed system of the refrigerator. The more heat you get, the more cold you produce.

Step 3 - Using the System

Once you have it up and running, it is going to take 6 to 8 hours to produce the cold that you require. You are going to have the temperature gauge attached to the top of the lamp glass on the heater just so you know how hot you are getting. You have to keep track of the size of the flame and the wick during the day. You also need to clean the soot and debris off the lamp several times a week. All of this goes into the generator which passes them inside and clogs up , slowing down the cooling process. And there will be times you will have to defrost the excessive ice from the inside of the box. If you don't get rid of the ice, it slows down the cooling process.