How to Apply Asphalt Roof Coating

What You'll Need
Asphalt roof coating
Paint brush
Spray gun
Cleaning brush
Soap or detergent
Gallon or pail
Cleaning Rug
Cleaning agents
Working gloves
Protective gear

Asphalt roof coating is applied to preserve the surface and make it make durable. It works well on roofs as it creates a seamless, pliable and long lasting water resistant protection. This maintains the surface in good condition against extreme weather conditions. There coating can be applied by spraying, brushing or paint rolling. It suits different kinds of roof surfaces such as metal, aluminum, concrete, wood, tile or tar stones flat.

Step 1 – Buy Asphalt Coating

The type of asphalt roof coating to buy depends on the roof surface available. It is advisable to get a product that prevents rust, moisture, corrosion and effects from extreme temperatures for metal, concrete, wood, tar and stone flat roofs. For shingle roofs, obtain a product that is resistant to moisture, prevents salt, chemicals and UV rays effect on the surface.

Buy the roof coating from hardware or household stores, other equipments and tools can easily be rented out and returned after completing the task.

Step 2 – Clean the Roof Surface

As this involves working on high surfaces, make sure that safety precautions are observed at all times. Secure the ladder in place when climbing to the top of the roof and pay attention while working on the surfaces to prevent accidents or injuries.

Depending on the type of roof available, start by sweeping off debris and dirt from the surface. A tough broom or brush can be used. If there is hardened dirt, use water and soap to brush it away. Rinse using clean water and let the surface dry before starting the application.

Step 3 – Consider the Surface

For shingles, concrete and terra cotta roofs, use paint brush or spray gun to apply the coating. Make sure that the asphalt coating is not too thick. For water based coating, mix ¼ to ½ a gallon of water for a 5 gallon pail.

For metal, concrete, wood, tar and stone flat roofs use paint brush or spray gun to make the application. Use coarse sand paper to smooth the surface before making the application. For water based asphalt roof coating, mix ¼ to ½ a gallon of water for a 5 gallon pail.

Step 4 – Apply Asphalt Roof Coating

Apply the coating in temperatures above 50o F. Make sure that the surface is clean and dry. Carefully get the coating to the roof and secure it in a safe position. Use a small container to load the coating to a spray gun if the equipment is being used.

For Shingle roofs, start with a single application and let it dry before putting another coating. Two coats are recommended for this type of roof.

For metal, concrete, wood, tar and stone roofs, it is recommended to apply three coats. Put one coat at a time and let it dry before applying the next one.

The roof coating dries fast in warm to hot weather.