How to Apply Cedar Fence Stain

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What You'll Need
Power sprayer
Scrub brush
Rubber gloves
Tape measure

Applying cedar fence stain is an easy and rewarding DIY task you can tackle with the proper knowledge and tools. A fresh coat of cedar fence stain will completely change the look of your fence. Here are the basics of how to effectively apply cedar fence stain.

Step 1 - Determine How Much Stain You Need

Start out by determining how much stain you are going to need. Take your tape measure and get an approximate square footage (height times length) of your fence. When you go to the store to purchase your stain and sealer, you are going to want to read the side of the buckets to determine how much square footage they will cover. This product is usually not cheap, so you do not want to buy a lot more than you are going to need.

Step 2 - Clean the Fence

power washing in a yard

Before you can stain and seal the fence, you are going to need to make sure that it is completely clean. If you leave any dirt or residue on the fence, it is going to be sealed underneath the stain and sealer. This can make the fence look very bad and it will look like an amateur did the job. In order to do this job, you should consider using a power sprayer. A power sprayer is great for cleaning cedar fences and it will not damage the wood. You can also add some detergent into the mixture that is spraying onto the fence. This will help break down any residue built up on the fence. If you cannot get all of the residue off with your power sprayer, you may need to take a scrub brush and use it to clean the fence. After you have applied detergent to the fence, you will want to make sure that you rinse it thoroughly with fresh water. Then let the fence dry before you apply any stain.

Step 3 - Prepare to Stain

Before you apply the stain to the fence look to make sure you put a tarp down on the ground underneath. This will ensure that the stain does not get on the ground.

Step 4 - Apply the Stain

brushing stain onto a fence

At this point, you are ready to start applying the stain. Use a paintbrush to gently apply the stain to the fence. You are going to want to use even brush strokes and make sure that the entire fence is covered with stain. You can alternate between using a small paintbrush and a large one depending on which spaces you are staining. After you apply the first coat, you are most likely going to want to put on a second coat as well.

Step 5 - Seal

Once the stain dries, you should apply a sealer. Make sure that you are dealing with a sealant designed for fencing. You will apply the sealer in much the same way you did the stain. After you apply it, let it dry and you should be finished with the job.