How to Apply Color Car Wax

If you are considering using a color car wax on your car, you need to know a few things about choosing the correct wax and its application. Follow the simple steps belowto do the job right.

Step 1: Determine the Paint

Trying to match the correct color of wax to your car can be problematic. Using the wrong color can make your car colors appear odd and the finish dull. To test that you have the right color, put a bit on a rag and apply it to the inside of the door panel where the latch is. This will show you the correct color. It is usually easier to match colors on older cars that don't have a clear coat finish.

Step 2: Clear Coat Paint

When purchasing color wax, most people overlook the fact that most newer cars have a clear coat acrylic paint. Be sure to read on the label if the wax you have it is suitable for this type of paint. If used properly, suitable wax can actually save you money repairing small scratches and dings in the paint.

Step 3: Applying the Wax

Once you have determined that you have the correct color and the correct wax for the finish on your car, you can proceed waxing your car. The car should be freshly washed and dried and have a polish applied. The wax is the last step to protect the polish and the paint. Wax the car in the shade, working from front to back per the manufacturer's instructions on the container. Buff to a shine.