How to Apply Crackle Paint to Your Cabinets

What You'll Need
A large sheet
A cloth
Warm water
Primer paint
Latex paint (Dark cabinetcolor)
Crackle solution or think glue
Clear finishing paint
Paint brushes

Crackle paint can be used to give cabinets a completely unique appearance. This can make many fixtures around your home look older and more beautiful. Crackle paint can give cabinets a completely new look. While crackle painting may appear messy to the eye, it can actually give a perfect portrayal of aging over an extended period of time. It is a very easy process that can be completed by any ambitious DIY beginner.

Step 1 - Prepare the Wood

Place a large sheet over the area you will be using to work on to keep the area clean and tidy. Start by using a small piece of sandpaper to strip away any wood stain products that may have been used to coat the cabinet in the past. Use a sander if the cabinet you are working on is a large one. Continue sanding until the cabinet is noticeably lighter in color and feels smooth under the surface of your hand. Dip a cloth in some small water and wipe down the cabinet. This will remove any excess debris or dust that has been created by the sandpaper.

Step 2 - Primer and Latex

Apply 2 layers of primer paint to the cabinet. Do this using a large painting brush. Try to paint as evenly and smoothly as you can. It is important to let the first coat dry completely before applying the second. Primer paint will protect the original surface of a cabinet and will help other materials and paint layers to stick. After the second layer of primer has dried, repeat the process with a clear latex based paint. Make sure this paint is a darker color, similar to the original one on the cabinet. This is important because the base layers will be visible through the paint once if the color is too light.

Step 3 - Apply Crackle Solution

Once the darker base coat has dried, apply a full layer of crackle solution. This can be bought from any good home hardware store. Allow the solution to dry and apply a further coat of color to the cabinet. Mix a little of the cracking solution in with the paint. This will pull the paint and cause small cracks to appear. Give this layer about 2 days to dry and apply a layer of clear finishing paint which will seal the visible cracks so they do not expand further.

Step 4 - Check and Repeat

Check that the finish of the cabinet is crackled and repeat the process on other cabinets in your kitchen or bedrooms for a themed effect that will be consistent throughout your entire home. Lightly flick the surface of each cabinet with the end of your finger. The cracks should be firm and the paint should not flake away.