How to Apply Exterior Wood Stain to Wood Siding

What You'll Need
Paint brush
Protective glasses
Protective mask or respirator
Wood stain
Low-pressure paint sprayer
Power washer
Oil-free soap

Wood siding is a beautiful addition to any home. It is not a cheap addition to make and it requires plenty of care and maintenance including an exterior wood stain. Unlike doors and fences you cannot easily remove wood siding in order to apply exterior wood stain to it. The following article will explain how to properly apply exterior wood stain to your wood siding.

Step 1 - Clean the Siding

There is nothing more frustrating than staining something just to find that you have stained dirt along with it or that the stain did not adhere correctly. Dirt and debris can cause uneven staining to happen on the wood siding. The elements can cause all sorts of residues to form on the wood. Use an oil-free soap and a power washer to clean the wood siding. Allow the wood siding to dry prior to continuing.

Step 2 - Treating the Wood with Bleach

It is important that when you work with bleach, full strength or diluted, that you wear protective glasses and a face mask. Bleach fumes can be very caustic and it is important to protect yourself from them. One thing to keep in mind using wood siding (this applies to doors too and other outdoor wooden items) is that it can be susceptible to molds, mildew and fungus. These things can cause your wood siding to quickly rot and cause the mold to spread to other areas of the home. The bleach treatment prevents these things from growing on the siding. Mix the bleach to water to a ratio of 1 part bleach to 3 parts water. Apply the bleach mixture to the siding with either a brush, roller or the paint sprayer. Allow the bleach coat to dry before continuing.

Step 3 - Apply the Exterior Wood Stain

In order to get the best job possible it is a good idea to have a helper for this part of the project. Select the wood stain that you want to apply to the wood siding and pour it into the low-pressure paint sprayer. Fill the reservoir about halfway up. Choose a side to begin at and start spraying the exterior wood stain onto the wood siding. This part will take no time at all due to the widespread coverage of the sprayer. As you are spraying the wood siding have your partner follow closely behind you with a paint brush. Your partner's job is to spread out the stain so that it is one even coat. He has to work quickly as stain applied in this fashion can dry faster than normal. The brushing not only guarantees an even coat but also prevents dripping and streaking of the exterior wood stain. You do not have to wait for the stain to dry before applying a second coat. If you already know that you will be adding another coat you can spray it on just as your partner is finishing up.