How to Apply Leather Moisturizer

What You'll Need
Small scrubbing brush
Small bowl
Oil free detergent and water
Leather moisturizer
Soft dry cloths

Leather is wonderful on furniture and for car seats, but it can dry out and crack if not treated properly with leather moisturizer.


Leather is a skin and has pores. The pores on leather furniture can become blocked and need to be cleaned out before applying a softener. The simplest way of cleaning the pores is to lightly scrub the leather in circular motion with a scrubbing brush dipped in a mixture of detergent and water. Scrub a small area at a time and immediately dry with a soft cloth. The leather will end up with a uniform mat finish.


Put a large drop of moisturizer on the sponge and rub it into a small area of the leather. Use a circular motion and continue until the moisturizer has been absorbed. Apply more moisturizer to the sponge and apply it to another area. Continue until all the leather has been moisturized. Repeat the whole process. The second time it should take longer for the moisturizer to be absorbed. Make a third application. If there are little areas of excess moisturizer showing, leave them and let it soak in. When all the moisturizer has been absorbed, buff the leather with a soft dry cloth.

By making moisturizing an essential part of your leather furniture maintenance, you'll prevent the drying and cracking that plagues neglected leather.