How to Apply Liquid Car Wax

Liquid car wax is applied in basically the same way as traditional car wax. The same rules or suggestions hold true for its application.

You Will Need

  • Liquid car wax
  • Rags
  • Clean soft rags or electric buffer

Step 1: Start With a Clean Car

Your car should be completely clean and polished before you apply any wax. Wax is the protective coating that will protect your shine and your car paint. Wash and dry your car in a shaded location. Then polish it with any good car polish.

Step 2: Wax Your Car

Starting either at the front or back of the car work in one direction, doing first one side and then the other so you will get complete coverage. You may find you want to do only one section at a time, especially if it is a hot day as the wax well set up quickly. Do the waxing in the shade. Shake the container well and pour a bit onto a clean rag. Apply it to the body of the car in a circular motion. Allow the wax to dry per packaging instructions and then use a clean, soft rag to buff it or an electric buffer. Pay special attention to areas around chrome, door handles, and such as it can be difficult to remove wax from these areas.