How to Apply Sidelight Window Film

If you decide to apply sidelight window film to your glass sidelight window then you have made the right choice. Window film is made from the highest quality materials that serve a lot of purposes for the enthusiastic home owner. Window film will help block out sunlight and harmful UV rays that will stain or discolor furniture and exposed interior surfaces. This will also allow you to tune the amount of light that enters the room through the wide selection of tint hues and designs available in the market. You also get to enjoy more privacy from your sidelight as window films can come in dark or contrasting hues that limit the interior view from the outside.

Applying sidelight window film is similar to applying tint on the windows of the car. You only need a few simple materials to properly partake in this relatively easy process.

Tools and Materials Needed:

  • Rubber squeegee
  • Utility knife or cutter
  • Application solution or water
  • Spray bottle
  • Hair shampoo
  • Chamois or terry cloth towel

Step 1 – Clean the Sidelight Windows

Use a clean and damp chamois or terry cloth towel to clean the entire surface of the interior glass. Window film is applied on the interior part of the glass and would demand a clean and oil-free surface.

Step 2 – Prepare Cleaning Solution

Fill a small spray bottle with ¼ teaspoon of ordinary hair shampoo and water. Shake well. You can also purchase a cleaning solution from the hardware store but this mixture is enough to facilitate the application process.

Step 3 – Trim the Window Film

Spray an adequate amount of the cleaning solution on the glass and install the window film. This will enable you to trim the window film according to the size of the glass. Use a rubber squeegee to push the film towards the edges of the sidelight and use a utility knife or cutter to cut the film accordingly. Remove the window film and wipe the glass dry. You can also use the squeegee to remove excess solution from the glass.

Step 3 – Apply Window Film

Spray an adequate amount of the cleaning solution on the interior side of the glass. Grab the trimmed window film and remove the adhesive cover. Place the window film on the wet glass and use a squeegee to firmly push the tint on the sides. You may choose to apply more solution if the film sticks to the glass prematurely. Gently push the squeegee towards the entire surface of the glass to remove air bubbles and excess cleaning solution. Start from the middle and gently push towards the edges on the top, sides and bottom of the glass. Repeat until the surface is smooth and free from imperfections such as small folds, cracks or undulations as a result of air being trapped in between the glass and the window film. Let dry for at least 8 hours.

Step 4 – Wipe the Tint Clean

Use a damp chamois or terry cloth towel to clean the window tint. Do not use harsh chemical cleaners in cleaning the tinted side of the sidelight window.

There is no shortage of choices when purchasing a sidelight window film. These materials come in a wide variety of designs and colors. You can choose whatever design and color is appropriate for the present theme or design of  your home.