How to Apply Stucco to a Ceiling

stucco ceiling
  • 4-8 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 100-150
What You'll Need
Safety glasses
Face mask
Stucco spray mixture
5 gallon pail
Spray gun
Mixing paddle

Stucco is a cement based product that is very versatile and durable. It can be easily manipulated to create details in the surfaces to which it is applied and has been used to create incredibly beautiful detail to many of the world's most renowned buildings.

While most commonly used as exterior siding, stucco can also come inside and be used for a very durable and versatile ceiling and wall covering. Ceilings are the most common place to use stucco in the interior of a home. There are many different ways to use stucco on the ceiling. Two of the most popular methods are in the form of a sprayed on "popcorn" ceiling and a troweled surface that can be used in a recessed ceiling for more elegance. Applying stucco to a ceiling is a very basic procedure that someone with moderate experience with tools and home improvement can do quite easily.

Step 1 - Remove the Furniture and Protect the Workspace

Remove all of the furniture. If that is not possible, then move it to center and cover i with dropcloths. Clean the entire surface of the ceiling with a damp sponge, removing all dust, dirt, oils, and any thing else that might be there. Arrange dropcloths on the floor so as not to damage any rugs, tiles, or hardwood.

Step 2 - Mix the Stucco

Using the 5-gallon pail, pour 4-gallons of water in it while mixing in stucco. Mix the solution with the drill and mixing paddle. Do not run on a high speed. Continue adding mixture until it is a thin consistency without any lumps.

Step 3 - Spray the Ceiling

After you get the stucco mixture to the right consistency, begin adding it to the hopper on the spray gun. Test the settings of the nozzle before applying it to the ceiling. There are different settings; you want to find the correct one. Start in one corner of the room and begin spraying the stucco ceiling.

Continue moving in a slow, but deliberate manner. Avoid staying too long in any one spot. Doing so will cause the stucco to clump in one space. Keep walking and keep the spray moving. Watch the spray where it is being applied. Do not watch the nozzle as you cannot tell what it is doing on the surface you are spraying.

WARNING: To avoid getting stucco in your eyes or breathing it in, wear a face mask and safety glasses just like you would if you were spraying paint.

Step 4 - Clean Up

Once you are finished spraying the room then clean up and clumps and droppings. Clean the spray gun and finish the room.