How to Apply Sway Bar Bushing Grease

  • 1-2 hours
  • Beginner
  • 5-10
What You'll Need
Lithium grease

Regular maintenance of your vehicle includes applying grease to the sway bar bushing. While it is much easier to do this before the sway bar is installed, you can also do this afterward.

Step 1 - Raise Front of Vehicle

You must crawl under the car in order to grease your sway bar bushings. There are two ways to do this safely. Do not rely on a jack alone. Use car ramps that are rated for your vehicle's weight. Set the emergency brake and make sure to use tire stops on the rear wheels. You can also jack the front end of the car up and place jack stands on each side.

Step 2 - Remove D Brackets

Once the car is lifted, the work should only take a few minutes. Locate the D brackets on the sway bar and loosen them to get a the bushings. Once you have removed the brackets, smear a healthy amount of lithium grease on the bushings. Once you have greased the bushings you can replace the D bracket and lower the vehicle.

Step 3 - Add Grease Fittings if Possible

Most sway bars do not have a place where you can simply use a grease gun. Using an after market product like a Zerk fitting will help make greasing your sway bar bushing much easier and cleaner.