How to Apply Water-Based Polyurethane

What You'll Need
Water-based polyurethane
Brush (best to use a synthetic-bristle paintbrush)
Tack cloth

If you are doing a project and need to apply water-based polyurethane, these steps will help you.

Step 1 - Prepare Your Materials and Location

You will want to make sure you get the best material for the project. Some water-based polyurethane comes in a more glossy or shiny finish, whereas others are matte or flat.

Pick a location that is clean as well as ventilated. You don't want any dust or debris getting in while you are working, but you also want to be able to breathe.

Step 2 - Clean the Wood

First you can sand down the wood to make sure it is even and anything that was on it before has been removed. Then using the tack cloth you can clean it off completely.

Step 3 - Apply

With even strokes, use the paintbrush to apply the water-based polyurethane. Let it dry completely before you move onto the next step.

Step 4 - Sand and Repeat

Sand the wood down again after it dries. Continue to repeat Steps 3 and 4 until you get the look you want.