How To Apply Window Film To A Sliding Door

What You'll Need
Straight edge razor blades
Metal ruler, or T-square
Non-lint cotton cloth
Spray bottle of distilled water
Spray bottle of distilled water and baby shampoo (mixture is 1-teaspoon shampoo per 1-gallon of water)

Window film can be applied to a variety of glass surfaces, including sliding glass doors. Working with larger surfaces can be challenging, but preparation and knowledge can go a long way.

Stop 1: Prepare Surface

Window preparation is the most important aspect of properly applying window tint. The window surface must be completely clean and free of all debris. The smallest speck of dust, dirt or hair will create a bubble in your tint. Use a non-ammonia or non-vinegar based window cleaner. Ammonia and vinegar will dissolve the film's adhesive.

Step 2: Cut Film

Measure your sliding glass door from the edge of the glass to the edge of the glass, both vertically and horizontally. Add 2-inches to the final length of both the vertical and horizontal measurement. Using a ruler or t-square and razor, cut a straight line. The extra inches will allow for window overlap and can be trimmed later.

Step 3: Apply Film

Spray the window with your baby shampoo and water mixture. Then remove the paper from your film tint and spray the surface that will adhere to the window. Place one corner of the film in the upper left corner of the window. Lay the film against the rest of the window. Spray the glass and the film generously with water. The wetter the film and window are, the easier the film will slide. Once the film is on the glass, move it so the top and one side edge are aligned and flush to within 1/8 inch of the edge of the glass. You will need this 1/8 inch allowance to allow water and air bubbles to escape when you apply firm pressure on the film.

Step 4: Set Film

Once the film is aligned, use your squeegee. Place it approximately 2 to 3 inches below the top of the window. Begin pressing firmly on the film in an upward motion, then downward and to the sides. Move from the center of the film, and then outward. Spray the film tint as you go to make it easier to squeegee air bubbles and water out the sides of the film. Use your cloth to mop up the water at the bottom of the window as you go.

Step 5: Cut Film

Use your straight edge and razor to cut a straight edge. Because razors cutting on glass dull so quickly, use a new razor for each side of the film to ensure a clean cut with no tears. The razors can be reused for other applications after cutting the film.

Step 5: Clean Window Tint

Finish your work with a good cleaning to get rid of fingerprints and to make sure you did not miss any stray bubbles or dust. Use your spray bottle with the baby shampoo mix and spray the window down lightly one last time. Use your lint-free cotton cloth to wipe away any spots. Use plain water and the squeegee to rinse and clean.