How To Assemble A Brick Retaining Wall

What You'll Need

A brick retaining wall can be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. It can hold back tons of earth while presenting an appealing look to your landscaping. Use a retaining wall to mark off a flower bed or to carve out a flat play area in a rolling yard. Level off your landscape so you can build a patio or plant a garden.

Before building a retaining wall, check local codes and regulations regarding construction. Follow these steps for an easy project you can complete in a weekend.

Getting Started

Determine where you will put the brick retaining wall and how tall it will to be. For a 3-foot high wall, dig out a trench 1 foot wide by 1 foot deep. If your wall is going to be taller, adjust the depth of your footing.

Build Footers and Pour Concrete

Build the forms for your footers and then lay rebar on the bottom. Pour in the concrete along the length of the footings, keeping the rebar at least 2 inches off the ground.

Pour Concrete Piers

On either side of the retaining wall, set up concrete piers the height of the wall. These will provide a frame and add strength.

Place First Row of Brick

Once you have the concrete poured, begin laying the first course of brick. Use a level and a plumb bob to ensure that your work is straight and level.

Start Second Course

Using a half piece of brick, start the second tier. This sill make the rows staggered which will also add strength to the wall. Lay mortar on the top of the bottom course and set the second brick on top.

Continue is this same pattern adding bricks in a staggered manner until you reach the top. Keep it level and straight while you work your way up.

Finish Up

Fill in the top with a concrete cap. Then back fill the soil until it reaches the top of the brick retaining wall. Stamp it down to provide a level surface for grass seed or a flower bed.