How to Assemble a Metal Platform Bed Frame

What You'll Need
Two Bed Rails
Headboard Brackets
Cross Rails
Measuring Tape

It is easy to assemble a metal platform bed frame without professional help. You can find this type of frame in various designs and sizes, as well as any that are designed for assembly without tools. One size often fits both the twin and kind or queen mattresses. If your bed frame requires assembly, follow the simple steps below to successfully put it together or reassemble it after moving.

Step 1: Bed Rails

Set the 2 bed rails on the floor where you want the bed to be situated. Make sure that you have all necessary tools ready.

Step 2: Connection

Connect the headboard brackets of your frame to the end of each bed rail. Use the screws and bolts that came as part of the packaging.

Step 3: Attachment

Attach cross rails with screws, one at each end of the bed rail and the third one situated in the center. If your bed frame has cross wires included, pull them in the diagonal direction right across the space between the 2 bed rails, attaching them to their correct slots.

Step 4: Testing

Test the strength of the bed by simply pressurizing the points where the cross rails meets the bed rails.  

Step 5: Measurement

Measure the metal frame to confirm that the mattress is going to fit properly inside the bed rails. If it doesn’t fit properly, then you will have to make the necessary adjustments.

Step 6: Brackets

Break the wheels into their appropriate brackets, depending on the type of bed you have. Make sure that they all are locked in a secure way to the brackets. Test the brackets by placing some stress on the contact points to check that they are able to support the weight of the mattress. Attach the headboard to its brackets.

Step 7: Ends Caps

Lastly, install the end caps on the end of both the bed rails to protect bed sheets and linens. When these are in place, position the mattress on the top of the assembled metal platform bed frame.