How To Assemble A Portable Kennel

What You'll Need
3 sections of the same height and width
1 section two thirds the other lengths
1 door kit that is one third the length of the original sections
Door hardware
Shade canopy
Hardware that will allow you to attach the sections together w/out mobility

The portable kennel is a wonderful way to be able to keep your pet with you when traveling. It is easy to make a portable kennel with supplies bought from your local fencing store.  Below you will find a list of supplies needed to assemble your own portable kennel.

You may also choose to bring portable kennel flooring along if needed for your environment.

Step 1  Lay It Out

Lay out the three sections of your portable kennel in a U shape.  Leave the opening where you want the door facing out.  Lay out the front section and the gate where they will go as well.  Place the hardware that you need next to each corner for easy access when your hands are full.

Step 2 Start Connecting

Starting with one of the side pieces laying on its side place the back section directly adjacent to it on the ground.  Loosely attach the hardware so it is like a hinge.  Stand up the two pieces and make 90 degree angle starting to form your box.  Stand up the third side and again attach your hardware loosely to allow for adjusting.  Now move to the front piece that the door will mount to and attach it as well.

Step 3 Tighten It Up

Make sure that your kennel is square.  Make any adjustments as needed then start to tighten the bolts.  Start on one side and work your way around.  You should have at least two pieces of hardware on each angle.  Your kennel is almost complete.

Step 4 Attach the Door

Now, using your easy to install door kit.  Attach the hinges to one side of the opening. Make sure that it opens and closes freely then attach the latch.  Once you attach the latch the first time it will be in place for consecutive uses.

Step 5 Put Up the Shade

This last and final step is only necessary if you are in an area that requires shade.  The canopy should be taken with you each time incase conditions change.  An Inexpensive way to keep it on is to attach it with zip ties.  They can be cut off each time you take off the canopy.  You can also invest in bungee material with hooks to make installation easier.

The steps mentioned above will need to be done in reverse to take the kennel down when needed.  You can choose to leave the hinges loosely attached and fold the kennel onto itself using a zig-zag pattern.  This will make it possible to save time the next time you set up your kennel but it will make it heavier since you are lifting the whole kennel instead of just pieces.