How to Assemble an Aluminum Prefab Carport

What You'll Need
Prefab aluminum carport kit
Concrete slab
Screwdriver or drill

A prefab carport is a great idea for a person who may need protection for a vehicle and yet may need to move the carport at some point in the future. It is also ideal for a homeowner who is unable to attach the carport directly to their house. It is different from a wooden carport in that it is screwed together using bolts and screws and then it can be taken apart and moved as needed. The size will determine how long it takes to construct as the larger they are the more help you will need for the assembly.

Step 1 – Prepare the Area

The best place to mount an aluminum carport is on a concrete slab. If you are able to pour one, than do so at least a couple of weeks prior to building the carport. If concrete is not an option, make sure that area is level. This may involve removing rocks and grass. You need a level area to ensure that carport stays standing. If you are putting it directly onto the ground, dig several small holes for the frame to fit into. This will keep it in place. Also, contact the city to find out if you need any special permits because some cities may have restrictions on the types of structures that you can place on your property.

Step 2 – Assemble the Frame

You have to assemble the roof of the carport first. The roof consists of aluminum sections that you bolt together. To start putting the sections together you slide the metal pieces into one another and secure them with bolts or screws. Once the frame is together you can begin adding the sheets of aluminum to the frame. To do this, slide each section of aluminum onto the roof frame. When complete, there will be a continuous layer of metal. Secure in place with screws and bolts.

Step 3 – Mounting the Carport

If the carport is small you may be able to move the carport yourself but if it is large you will need to get help from at least three other people. To move it without any problems the standard rule is to have one person for each leg of the carport. That will ensure that all areas are supported by a person and nothing will fall down. When you have enough people, lift each leg of the carport at the same time and walk to the area where you wish to mount it. Then you put the legs into the small holes that you dug earlier. Once they are in place, cover the holes with a small amount of dirt so that legs will be reinforced in place. If you are mounting the carport to a concrete slab you will need to use the mounting screws that come with the prefab carport kit. When all the legs have been secured in place the carport is now complete.