How to Assemble an Oscillating Fan

To assemble an oscillating fan, chances are the only tool you will need is a screwdriver. It is user friendly and easy to do. Depending on the fan size there might be a little more work involved. For instance, commercial fans are fairly heavy duty compared to an average home model and may require more complicated assembly. Considering that most people buy an oscillating fan for their home, read the instructions carefully, but it should be as easy as 1-2-3.

Remove all the parts from the box and lay them out for easy viewing. Assemble the base and the stand first. The next step will probably involve mounting the motor onto the stand. If there is a back cap to the motor, that should be screwed on or popped on at this time. Again, follow the directions provided carefully for the specifics. Next you will affix the fan blades onto the pegs around the motor.

Make sure the blades are all facing outward. There should be a front motor cover or central hub that you will either screw or pop onto the front center, securing the blades in place. The last step is to join the two pieces of the grille together, front and back. You may need your screwdriver for this task or not if it uses pop-on clamps.

Before you plug the fan in, make sure every piece is secure and in the right place. Plug into a power supply and enjoy the cool breeze!