How To Attach 10 Standard Chain Saw Parts

What You'll Need
Blanket or large cloth
Bar tool

Your chain saw has three standard chain saw parts: the body or engine, the cutting bar and the chain. Safety always needs to be your number one priority when attaching the parts to your chainsaw. The cutting links of the chain are incredibly sharp even when not operating. Follow these instructions to successfully attach all the parts of your chainsaw together.

Step 1: Layout Parts

Place the various parts—engine, chain and bar—on a clean level surface. Use a blanket or large cloth to protect both the surface area and chainsaw parts.

Step 2: Remove Sprocket Cover

Unscrew the winged nuts to remove the chain sprocket cover.

Step 3: Adjusting Wheel

Turn the adjusting wheel clockwise on the guide bar as far as it will go.

Step 4 – Place Chain on the Bar

Make sure you are wearing gloves when installing the cutting chain on the chainsaw bar. Starting from the bar nose, carefully lay the chain over the bar. Make sure the chain is facing in the right direction according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The cutting teeth should be facing in the forward direction on the top of the bar.

Step 5: Place Bar on Engine

Place the completed chain saw bar on the engine wrapping the chain around the engine sprocket.

Step 6: Secure the Cover

Place the engine sprocket cover on the unit securing it with the winged nuts. Turn the winged nuts so the cover rests firmly against the engine but do not tighten these fully yet.

Step 7: Adjusting Wheel

Turn the adjusting wheel or screw forward toward the nose of the chainsaw. This will engage the drive links in the bar groove of the chainsaw.

Step 8: Tighten Cover

Once you have adjusted the drive links, secure the cover by fully tightening the winged nuts. Make sure to lay the winged nuts flat when screwing tightly.

Step 9: Chain Check

Make sure to check that the chain is exactly located in the bar groove and does not sag at all. If the chain sags, you need to repeat Steps 5 through 8.

Step 10: Check Chain Tension

Check the tension on the chainsaw chain by pulling it. Make sure the chain brake is off. Pull it forward toward the nose of the bar. If the chain does not move, you need to repeat the preceding step because the chain is not placed on the bar groove properly or is not engaging the engine sprocket correctly.

Step 11: Apply Brake

Once you have established that the chain is seated properly and moves correctly, apply the brake. If your chainsaw is equipped with a chain bar safety cover, place it on when fully assembled. Always make sure to properly store your chainsaw out of the reach of children.

Make sure to retain all the documentation accompanying your chainsaw purchase to follow the manufacturer’s directions for replacing parts, maintenance and operating instructions.