How to Attach a Pressure Washer Hose

A woman uses a pressure washer.
  • 1 hours
  • 0-200
What You'll Need
Power washer
Garden hose
Water supply
Power washer wand
Wand hose

Attaching a pressure washer hose can be an easy job. Attaching the hose correctly however is very important before you start using your power washer. Use this step-by-step guide to learn how to attach a pressure washer hose correctly.

Step 1 - Check Garden Hose and Washer Wand

The first step you will have to perform is to check if your garden hose and your power washer wand are in perfectly good working order. Observe your garden hose and look for holes or cuts. If you find them, replace the hose.

Step 2 - Check Water GPM

Check how much water your power washer needs. Then check the GPM (gallons/min) of your water supply. You can do this easily. Fill up a bucket of water (5 gallons for example). Note the time it takes to fill it up and divide it by 5. That is your GPM.

Step 3 - Connect Garden Hose

Now, connect your garden hose to the pressure washer. Do this before connecting anything else. The garden hose can be easily screwed on. Make sure the connection is tight.

Step 4 - Connect Wand Hose to Wand

After checking that your wand and wand hose are in good working shape, attach them to each other. Pull back the clip of the wand, insert the wand hose and let go of the clip. Connect the other end to the power washer again by pulling back the clip.

Step 5 - Test Power Washer

Your power washer hose has been attached. Check the hose on a small area first to see if some connections are loose. If everything is fine, move the washer to which ever place you want to.