How to Attach a Screen Cover for Your Chimney Cap

What You'll Need
Chimney screen
Metal drill bit
Tape measure

A chimney cap is used to prevent ashes and other discharge from the fireplace from blowing out of the chimney. It also helps to keep water and snow out of the chimney stack. Attaching a screen cover for your chimney can be accomplished with a few tools and some measurements so that you order the correct size cap for your chimney. This how-to article will describe the steps and process needed to complete the attachment of a chimney cap to your chimney.

Step 1: Measure the Opening to the Chimney 

The first step in the process of attaching a screen cover on your chimney cover is for your to measure the chimney cap. This will require you to climb onto the roof of your home and using a tape measure acquire the measurements. When climbing on top of the roof you need to take extra care when your stepping in order to avoid injury or any form of bodily harm.

At the opening of the chimney, take the length, width and depth measurements that are needed for the installation of the chimney cap screens.

Step 2: Purchase the Screens for the Chimney Cap

Go to a home improvement center or hardware store in order to order the necessary screens for the chimney cap. You should look for screens that are made specifically for the chimney cap that is installed on your chimney. If necessary write down the name of the chimney cap manufacturer and go to their website. From the chimney cap manufacturer's website find the information on the screens recommended for purchase. Write down this information along with the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) number. The OEM number can be used to find compatible screens in the event that the manufacturer's screens are not available in your area.

Step 3: Install the Screens

Step 3 of the process involves climbing back on the roof of your home and installing the screens to the chimney cap. This can be done easily by placing the screens to the chimney cap and fastening them in place with the appropriate fasteners. If the screens that you purchased are the ones specified by the manufacturer, you should have no problems snapping them into place. If the screws or other fasteners are required to set the chimney screens in place, use a screwdriver to attach the chimney screens to the chimney cap. 

In the case of an older chimney cap that does not have a prescribed chimney screen designed for, you will need to drill holes into the cap that will allow you to screw the screens in place to the cap. Use a drill with the appropriate type of bit in order to make this attachment and complete the installation of the screens to the chimney cap. Be sure to use a long enough cord when working with the drill so that it does not become entangled and get in your walking path.