How to Attach a Vise to a Drill Press

What You'll Need
Drill press vise
Nuts and bolts (some models come with them)
Wrench, two of them to match the bolt size

A drill press makes accurate holes in woodworking. The vise is a clamping tool that attaches to the drill press table and holds the wood or metal in place while you drill holes. It is simple matter to attach a vise to your drill press. All you need is a few simple tools and about 30 minutes of your time.

Step 1 - Consider a Rotary Table

Before you attach a vise to your drill press table, you might want to think of also attaching a drill press table. This allows you to swivel the vise in any direction you need it. By attaching a rotary table, you can do many different angles of holes. A rotary table will also allow you to attach a vise to it. In fact, the table comes pre-made with holes in order for you to do just that.

Step 2 - Determine the Placement

If you choose not to use a rotary table, you will need to determine where on the table you want the vise. You will want to think of the material that you use most often and how you need it held in place.

Step 3 - Place the Vise

Now you need to place the vise on the table. You will need to place it directly over the holes that are already in place. You should be able to line up the holes in the vise with the pre-drilled holes in the drill press table.

Step 4 - Secure It

You will use anywhere from four to six bolts to secure the vise to the drill press. Place each bolt in first; then from underneath the table, you will attach the nuts to the bolts. Make certain to tighten them. Tightening will require two wrenches, one on the top bolt and one on the nut, driving them in different directions.

Step 5 - Test It

You never know if something works until you test it. So grab a piece of wood and mark where you would like to drill a hole. Place the wood in the vise and align it with the drill. At this point you can tighten the vise. Some vises slide back and forth just a bit in order to accommodate for slight errors in placement. You can easily adjust the material by loosening the vise and moving it over a bit.

If you are always holding your material and trying to multitask with the drill press, you might want to look into getting a vise for your machine. A few minutes of attaching the accessory will leave you wondering why you had not done it before.