How to Attach an Above Ground Pool Ladder

What You'll Need
Silicone sealer (waterproof)
Drill bits
Post digger
2 2x2 pressure treated boards
Socket wrench

There is no easy way to get in or out of an above ground pool unless you have an above ground pool ladder. There are many types of ladders you can use for your above ground pool. The common problem with any above ground pool ladder is that they are not very secure. When you are in the pool and need to get out, it can be a scary thing, as the ladder will often shake or feel as though it is slipping. The above ground pool ladders can, in fact, slip out from under you, causing a potentially serious injury. The following article will show you how to secure an above ground pool ladder to the pool.

Step 1 - Setting the Posts

An above ground pool ladder has little holding it in place, which can be fairly dangerous. A ladder that is not secure can easily slip, causing someone to potentially get hurt. An above ground pool ladder also usually relies on the strength of the pool to support it and your weight. Above ground pools are not made to withstand too much weight pressing down on the rim of the pool. The solution is to secure the above ground pool ladder so that it will not move. Place the ladder in the pool and use the post hole digger to create two holes outside the pool that line up with the ladder. Make the holes close enough to the wall of the pool so the posts are flush with it. Place the posts in the holes and back fill to secure the posts.

Step 2 - Fasten the Above Ground Pool Ladder

Use the drill and create several pilot holes from inside the pool and through the posts on the outside. Use the holes in the ladder as a guide. The more holes you have means the more secure the above ground pool ladder will be. Place a washer on each of the bolts and insert them in the pilot holes you drilled. Use the wrench to set and secure the bolts. Insert another washer on the other end of the bolt that is protruding from the other side of the post. Place the nut on the bolt and tighten it by hand before using the wrench to tighten it. Be careful that you do not tighten the nut so much you strip the bolt or cause the pool wall to buckle or crease.

Step 3 - Finishing Up

One problem you will have to face with attaching an above ground pool ladder to the pool will potentially cause a leak. Even though the bolts are tight, you still made a hole through the pool wall and liner. Water will always find a way out if there is the smallest of spaces. The easiest solution is to use silicone sealer. Place a blob of the silicone sealer around each of the bolts (both inside and outside) that you installed inside the pool.