How to Attach Drawer Fronts to Drawers

What You'll Need
Table saw
Router and bits
Drawer pulls
Drill with bits

The drawer fronts are made in two types- either solid or applied. Solid drawer fronts are made as integral part with the drawer. However, the applied fronts are fixed with screws to the front of the drawer box. In case of drawers with applied fronts, the old fronts can be removed by unscrewing and the new ones can be attached. A simple applied front drawer is a single piece of wood with a decorative edge molded with a router. One more popular style of applied fronts is a framed front with a panel, wherein a panel is fixed in a frame. You can also install a molding on the solid wood to impart the look of a framed panel or recess the piece of wood. Here we are dealing with making and installing applied solid drawer fronts with edge molding. Building drawer fronts requires basic woodworking skills. The drawer front can be made separately from the drawer box and fixed to it later.

Step 1 - Removing the Old Fronts

Remove the screws and take away the old fronts from drawer boxes and discard them.

Step 2 – Measuring the Drawer Front

Measure the drawer openings in the cabinet. The drawer front should be larger than it and project approximate 1/4 inches on all sides. Ensure that the spacing between the drawer openings is sufficient to accommodate the drawer front projections.

Step 3 – Decide the Style of Drawer Front Molding

Select the shape of the molding to be made on drawer front faces. Select the corresponding router bit.

Step 4 - Cutting the Wood Pieces

Take the required thickness of wood boards. Cut to the sizes of drawer fronts on table saw.

Step 5 - Making Edge Moldings

Make the molding on the drawer front panel on all edges with a bit mounted on a router.

Step 6 - Finishing

Sand the drawer fronts and use a stain or paint to finish these drawer fronts to match the color and finish of the cabinet.

Step 7 - Attaching the New Drawer Front

Adjust the front on the face of drawer by projecting it equally on all sides. Clamp the front with clamps, hold the drawer and drill pilot holes for driving screws from inside of the each drawer into the new drawer fronts. Fix the screws to hold the front. Do not tighten them fully.

Step 8 – Adjusting the Drawer Fronts

Install the drawers in the cabinet in their respective positions. Check that the drawer fronts are aligned and properly spaces. Adjust them by slightly tapping. Tighten the screws for fixing after adjustments.

Step 9 - Fixing the Pull Outs

 Mark the positions of pull out holes on drawers with a template. Drill the holes and fix the pull outs in their positions.