How to Attach Handrails to a Wall

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Having a properly attached handrail can ensure your safety while walking up and downstairs. Over time, a stair handrail can become worn out, loose, and slowly but surely, become detached from the wall. Attaching a handrail back to the wall is a task that can be completed with a little help from a friend. Follow these steps to repair and reattach a handrail for your staircase.

Remove the Loose Rail

If you already had a handrail present, but it has become weak, remove the mounting screws and brackets from the handrail and wall, using a screwdriver or power drill. Once you have the brackets down, remove the handrail and set it, the screws, and the brackets aside. There is no need to do this if you are installing a new handrail.


Measure the length of your wall to determine how long you want your handrail. If the handrail is too long, then you will need to cut it using a saw.

Enlist a Friend

Once you have the handrail measured, ask a friend to hold the handrail up to the wall. While the friend is holding the handrail, mark the area where the brackets need to go.

Reattach the Brackets

Drill the brackets into place, paying special attention not to screw the brackets into a previous hole. Over time, the holes can become bigger, which can cause the brackets to become loose.

Reattach the Handrail

After the brackets are in place, use your power drill to attach them to the handrail.

Clean Up

Clean up any debris from the steps to avoid a tripping hazard.