How to Attach Hose Fittings to an Air Hose

A garden hose on the side of a house.
  • 1-2 hours
  • Beginner
  • 3-15
What You'll Need
Teflon tape
What You'll Need
Teflon tape

Hose fittings, for example, an air chuck for filling tires, can either be permanently connected to the end of the hose or attached using a quick disconnect coupler or fitting. If one end of the air hose is to be used for filling tires and nothing else, the permanent connection is preferred. Below is a complete list of instructions on how to attach the hose fittings to an air hose.

Step 1 - Review the Parts

The air chuck will always remain on the hose end preventing it from being misplaced. The other end of the air hose can also be attached permanently to the air supply tank or compressor. Most air hoses come with threaded male fittings permanently attached to the ends of the hose.

Step 2 - Wrap Teflon Tape

Wrap some Teflon tape around the threaded portion of the fitting in a clockwise direction as you look directly at the end. Make three to four turns around the fitting with the Teflon tape.

Step 3 - Thread the Hose

Now thread the air chuck onto the hose and tighten it with two wrenches. One wrench will hold the air hose fitting and the other wrench will turn the air chucks threaded fitting. Do not over tighten the air chuck to the hose, Wrap the other end of the hose fitting with Teflon tape and thread this onto the tank or compressor. Tighten this in the same manner, only this time you will be turning the hose instead.

Step 4 - Install Quick Connects and Disconnects

Installing quick connect/disconnect fittings and couplers to the hose ends makes your air hose removable from the compressor or air tank, or the air run accessories you want to attach to the other end. Make sure when purchasing the quick disconnect fittings that they connect and disconnect easily. The female quick disconnect fitting or coupler will thread onto one end of the air hose and a male quick coupler fitting to the other. Don’t forget to use the Teflon tape on the hose ends and turn both fittings to tighten and not the air hose. Install another female air quick connect coupling on the tank or compressor using Teflon tape as well. Now the end of the hose with the male fitting will connect to the tank or compressors female coupler.


The female coupler has a type of check valve in it preventing air from escaping when a disconnection occurs. Installing the male fittings on your air powered accessories impact gun, air drill, and air chuck, which allows you to quickly connect to or disconnect from the air line, making interchanging accessories quick and effortless.

Adding another air hose and installing the fittings the same way will allow you to connect the two air hoses together. One air hose plugging into the tank or compressor then on the other end the two hoses will also connect together end to end doubling the total length.