How to Attach Kitchen Cabinet Islands to the Floor

island in the center of a large, wood kitchen
What You'll Need
Measuring tape
Marking pencil
Wooden cleats
Wood screws
Construction adhesive
Toe kick
Adhesive strip
Small finish nails
Caulking gun

Kitchen cabinet islands are popular because they provide ample storage space and an additional work area. Provided that you have enough space in your kitchen, it can be an attractive addition. Most kitchen cabinet islands are not large, but can still be heavy. Many people prefer to have them attached to the floor rather than remaining freestanding. Here are the basic steps involved in attaching kitchen cabinet islands successfully.

Step 1 - Measure and Mark

Measure the space you have available, making sure to allow room for a passage around the perimeter. Mark the area that will be taken up by the island with a marking pencil. Then, set wooden cleats on the markings. Ensure that there is equal space around the island so that it is centered from end to end and side to side.

Step 2 - Drill

cordless drill with screws laying nearby

Using a wood drill bit, pre-drill the holes where the screws will be inserted at intervals. You will need to have one every few inches for ideal fastening. Then, fasten the wooden cleats by means of screws set at every hole you previously drilled.

Step 3 - Apply Construction Adhesive

Once you have drilled all the required holes, apply construction adhesive along the perimeter of the cleats. Use a high quality construction adhesive. It is best to use a caulking gun to facilitate the work and ensure a steady flow of adhesive. Apply it liberally and wipe away any excess that might be oozing in unnecessary parts and on the sides.

Step 4 - Secure the Kitchen Cabinet Island

woman making a salad at a kitchen island

With the help of an assistant, lift the kitchen cabinet island and lower it gently onto the designated area, over the wooden cleats. Try to lower it at just the right place to avoid having to move it or tilt it afterwards, since the construction adhesive coating will be ruined in the process and you might not achieve a neat result. Allow the construction glue enough time to set and then check that the island has been fastened well by trying to push it slowly. If it feels unsteady verify where it has not been fastened well, and apply more construction adhesive there.

Step 5 - Attach the Edging

You may opt to attach an edging or a toe kick layering along the base perimeter. In such a case, attach a strip of adhesive around the island and fix it neatly in place. You may wish to fasten with some small finish nails at regular intervals so as to ensure a neater and more linear result, rather than having parts of it protruding outwards.