How to Attach Metal Fence Finials

If you have a fence that you are looking to jazz up a bit, you may consider the options you have with fence finials. These are decorative elements that fit right on top of your fence posts and give them an extra flair. They can be pointed, rounded, or shaped in a unique pattern, and many of them are made out of metal. Installing these metal finials is an easy process, so just follow the guide below.

Step 1 - Select the Right Finials

You need to make sure that the finials you use will actually fit your fence posts. If you have square posts, get something with a square base. If you have a hexagon or circle, you'll need to find the corresponding finial. When it comes to the metal or material you want it made of, that is a matter of personal preference.

Step 2 - Install the Finial

Your finial should be able to sit right on top of the post. There will be some sort of screw hole around the bottom rim that will allow you to secure the finial to the post. Simply take an electric drill and a screw that fits snug in the hole and fasten the finial down.