How to Avoid Clutter in Your Children's Nursery

Your children's nursery, which acts as your kids' sleeping area and playroom, sees a lot of foot traffic each day. If you don't take the time to design a system of organization in the nursery, you could find yourself tripping over clutter. Since your children will be walking around as well, you especially want to keep clutter out of the nursery, so that no one is injured, and so you can easily access what you need.

Everything Has a Place

The most important rule for avoiding clutter in your children's nursery, is to make sure that everything has a place. Shopping for a system of organizers to put in the nursery closet, or in a chest of drawers, should be among the first things you do when setting up a nursery. That way, all of your supplies for changing, feeding and cleaning your child will be within easy reach.

The most obvious example of a designated place that is frequently in the nursery, is the toy box, for storing those toys your child loves to play with. You should teach your children to put their own toys away early on as well. As soon as children are able to pull toys out of the toy box, they can begin learning to put them back when they're finished. This is typically between the ages of 1 and 2.

Remember that Function Is More Important than Appearance

Parents often take delight in designing the children's nursery, but it's important to remember that once there are children in the nursery, you're not going to care much about the cute decor, when you're changing diapers at 3 in the morning. You can have attractive decor, but remember to stress function first and foremost. Concentrate on buying furnishings that will allow you to use organizers quickly and efficiently when interacting with your children. If that means bypassing the cute animal-shaped dresser, then so be it.

Make Furnishings Multifunctional

Children require a lot to take care of, especially during their early years. They grow out of clothes, go through changing and feeding supplies, and wear down more than a few toys. You may need to shop ahead of time, and have some items for future use on hand--larger clothes, extra diapers and toys for your child's next age range. While you don't want to overwhelm the children's nursery with these extra items, you don't want to have to rush out and buy them as needed, either.

A simple way to find the extra space in which to store these items, is to make furnishings multifunctional whenever possible. Instead of investing in a changing table, turn the top of a dresser into your changing table, or make sure you purchase a changing table with drawers underneath. Purchase a crib that comes attached to drawers, either to the side or underneath. If you want a bench for sitting, make sure that the bench doubles as a toy box as well.