How to Avoid Wrinkling Your Bed Sheet

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A clean, unwrinkled bed sheet provides the perfect ending to a long day. Avoid wrinkles in your bed sheet by heeding this advice.

When you wash your bed sheet, use warm water with a gentle cycle and a gentle spin. Know the capacity of the washing machine you are using, and don't overload the washer. Give the bed sheet plenty of room to slosh around. When you take it out of the washer, fluff the wet sheet open so that there are no folds or wrinkles, and no other laundry is sticking to it.

If you are going to hang the bed sheet on the clothesline, take the fluffed sheet out, flip it over the line and straighten it out so that half the sheet is on either side. Secure to the line with clothespins. Take your clean hands and run them down each side of the sheet, smoothing out the wrinkles, then let it dry.

If you are going to put the bed sheet in the dryer, add a sheet of fabric softener and dry it on medium heat. Dry it until it is just dry, no longer. If you don't take it out in time and there are wrinkles, take a wet cloth, put it in the dryer with the bed sheet and run the dryer for a few minutes until the wrinkles are gone.

Take your clean, unwrinkled bed sheet, fold it carefully to store or make the bed with it.