How To Bend Plexiglass

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With the right know-how and materials, you can bend plexiglass—which is not really glass at all.


Plexiglass is a type of polymer plastic, which means it has properties that allow it to bend when exposed to ample heat. Custom bent pieces of plexiglass can be used in many applications, like skylights, windows, and fish tanks. Plexiglass is easy to work with and more durable than most regular glass, which makes it ideal for these purposes.


To bend plexiglass, gently apply heat to the exact place where you want the bend should occur. The plexiglass will become flexible in the heated place. You can follow a mold or try to bend by hand to create the right position.

Take care to apply heat at a safe distance so you don't melt or burn the plexiglass. Use a heat gun for best results.