How to Best Clean Sheepskin Seat Covers

What You'll Need
Mild soap or detangling shampoo
Bristle brush
Warm water
Vacuum cleaner

If you've recently been faced with dirty or soiled sheepskin seat covers, you may be wondering how to go about cleaning them. Due to its delicate nature, sheepskin can be somewhat tricky to clean, but with the right set of instructions and a few basic cleaning tools, your sheepskin seat covers can be successfully cleaned in no time.

Step 1 - Prep Your Seat Cover

Before applying your soap or detangling shampoo, soak a washcloth or sponge in warm water, then proceed to wipe down your seat cover. When performing this step, make sure to pay special attention to the soiled areas. Additionally, you'll need to make sure that your water isn't too hot, as hot water can to damage sheepskin. After going over the entire seat cover several times, you'll be ready to move on, although in some cases, you can successfully clean your seat cover with this step alone. Also, this step can be preceded by a light vacuuming.

Step 2 - Apply Your Soap or Shampoo

Having performed your initial soaking, you're ready to apply mild soap or detangling shampoo to your sheepskin seat cover. Begin this step by squirting several drops of soap or shampoo onto a washcloth and evening out the soap by rubbing the washcloth together. Next, use the washcloth to wipe your seat cover starting at the very top of the cover and working your way down. When performing this step, be extra firm when wiping any stained or soiled areas. Repeat this step several times, taking care to wring out the washcloth and reapply your soap or shampoo each time.

Step 3 - Remove Your Soap or Shampoo

Once your soap or shampoo has been properly applied, you'll need to rinse it off with the aid of a dampened sponge or washcloth. As with the first step, make sure the water you use isn't too hot. Wipe your sheepskin seat cover in a top-to-bottom fashion until all of the soap or shampoo has been completely removed. This will require you to wipe down the entire seat cover several times, so make sure to dampen your sponge or washcloth again after each wiping.

Step 4 - Brush Your Seat Cover

Now that your soap or shampoo has been removed, you're almost finished. You will now need to brush your seat cover with the aid of a bristle brush. Bristle brushes designed for dogs typically work best for this task. Gently brush your seat cover in a top-to-bottom fashion, taking care to remove any tangles or bits of soap that may have initially escaped your gaze. It is important to be as gentle as possible when performing this step, even when attempting to expel tangles.

Step 5 - Dry Your Seat Cover

Now that your sheepskin seat cover has been given a thorough cleaning, you'll need to hang it up to dry indoors, as excessive heat and sunlight aren't good for sheepskin. Allow at least three to four hours of drying time.