How to Brace a Table Leg

  • 2-4 hours
  • Beginner
  • 50-75
What You'll Need
Drill Bits
Leg Braces
Tape Measure
Helping Hands

Sometimes a table leg isn't strong enough for certain situations. If you are trying to build a stable work surface then you may be interested in bracing the table leg. By bracing the table legs you will create a much stronger table which is capable of holding more weight. This is very useful when building a workbench as the strength will make it much safer to work with power tools.

It's a very easy project to complete and won't take you very long at all. You can normally buy metal braces which have drilled holes already. These braces can be purchased at the majority of home hardware stores. The project shouldn't take more than an hour and will offer immediate results.

Step 1 - Preparation

It will be almost impossible to work on your table when it's the right way up. It's actually much easier if you turn your table upside down to work on. When working with a large table you may need some extra assistance to help you do this. You might also find it a good idea to protect your table by using an old blanket placed on the floor. This will prevent the surface of the table from getting dented or scratched.

Step 2 - Measuring

Now measure the size of the table legs, you are most interested in the thickness of the legs. This is important because you don't want to use any fixings which are longer than the thickness of the legs. If the fixings are longer than this then they will burst through the leg. For this to work properly the fixings should be 1/4" shorter than the table leg.

Once you know the size of the fixings required you will then need to work out the size of the brace. Measure the distance between the sides of the table to the legs, this will be the longest brace that you can use for your table. The bigger the brace you can use, the stronger the table will be.

Step 3 - Buying Braces

Now you need to buy braces which will fit your table, this will depend upon the size of your table and your measurements. Try to choose the best braces for your table for the best results. Ensure that you are buying the braces with pre-drilled holes because this will make fitting them much easier.

Step 4 - Fitting Braces

The L Shaped braces now need to be fixed to the corners on the inside of the table legs. Ensure that the braces will fit flat against the table so that they are offering added strength.

Ensure that you don't burst through he wood by carefully drilling a small hole in the position of the screws. Drill using a drill bit which is 1/8" smaller than the screws being used. This will prevent the wood being broken but still allow the screws to bite into the wood.

Step 5 - Fixing Braces

Fix the braces to the inside of the table legs by screwing them securely into place. When you're doing this you must be very careful to hold them in the correct position when tightening the screws; this will prevent them from moving.

Step 6 - Turning the Table Up

Now turn the table up the right way and start enjoying your stronger table.

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