How to Brace Your Fence

What You'll Need
Rubber mallet
Wood preservative

A fence brace is an important part of the fence, and it actually reinforces your fence to make it stronger. There are many ways to make a fence brace. You can have your fence braced using the right tools and following the instructions below.

Step 1 – Plan for the Distance of Every Post

Determine the distance of your fence posts. Usually, they should be about six to eight feet apart. This however will depend on the kind of fence that you are trying to build. You have to also take into account the terrain of your perimeter, and the purpose of having a fence.

Step 2 – Establish Your Corner Posts

Establish the corner post. Then use a string to connect each post. Make sure that the posts are aligned with the string as your reference.

Step 3 – Mark Where Each Post is to Be Installed

Mark the exact position of the spot where every post will be installed using a stick. Measure the precise position of the post accurately. Dig holes within the perimeter of your fence where the posts will be installed with distances of six to eight feet.

Step 4 – Fence Posts Installation

Install the wood fence posts and bury 1/3 of their length in the ground. This is very important on posts at the corners, or posts that will have to bear a heavy load, or pressures from natural elements such as wind.

Step 5 – Dig to Bury Post Holes

In digging the post holes, use an ordinary or regular digger intended to make post holes. But before burying the posts, have it treated using a wood preservative, particularly the section that is to be buried underground. To saturate the post, allow it to stand in a preservative overnight.

Step 6 – Fillings to Make Your Post Installation Stronger

To make the foundation of the post stronger, fill the holes in with either a concrete or dirt. But before placing the post in its position, put three shovels of gravel at the bottom. Ensure the position of the posts to be upright. You can also have its alignment checked by sighting the posts from end to end.

Step 7 – Bracing Method

Now it is time to brace your posts with stakes. Before doing so, ensure that each post is properly aligned. Do not forget to have enough stakes for your fence brace. You may brace the fence posts right after you finish setting them with concrete or dirt.

Nail the stakes across at the bottom with an angle of 45 degrees; one on every side to brace your post. Use a rubber mallet to pound the stake on the ground at an angle of 45 degrees. Then nail it on the fence post so that they will remain in place.

Step 8 – Finishing Your Post Installation and Braces

Reinforce the base of the posts with dirt. Ensure that the alignment of the post is not altered. Then, create a mound around your posts to prevent water from standing by its base. In every corner, make extra bracing for further support. After the procedure, allow your posts to stand for a few days before making additional fences.