How to Buff Marble Flooring

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  • 3 hours
  • Beginner
  • 550-700
What You'll Need
Tape measure
Broom and dust pan
Wet mop
Buffing machine (available at many home improvement stores or at rental agencies as well)
Marble cleaner solution

Marble flooring is a beautiful and unique fixture in any home. However, as any person with this type of flooring can attest, it requires careful maintenance and care in order to maintain its appearance and aesthetic. One of the best ways to keep your marble floor smooth and gleaming is by regularly buffing it. This process is quite easy and requires minimal time and effort. However, you must repeat it frequently in order to ensure that your marble flooring always looks its best. Read on for a brief guide on how to buff marble flooring.

Determine which Machine to Use

Before you rent or buy a cleaning machine, you'll need to know how much area you'll be buffing out. Larger areas typically require larger machines. While a smaller machine will work for any job, you can save yourself time and effort by measuring out your space first. Take the square footage of the marble flooring in with you to the home improvement store or rental agency so that you can find the best machine for your needs.

Clean Off the Floor

Before you can properly buff the marble flooring, you'll need to completely clean off the floor. Begin by removing any furniture, carpeting, debris or other objects that may be covering the marble floor. Use a broom and dustpan to thoroughly clean up any smaller debris or dirt from the floor. Double-check that the flooring is completely clean before you begin buffing the floor. If there is any debris remaining, it may be worked into the floor and may cause problems for the appearance of the marble.

Mop the Floor

After cleaning up any debris that might exist on the floor, use a wet mop to thoroughly clean up any sticky stains or other liquids that may have spilled since you last buffed the floor. You need not use cleaning solution at this point, but it's important that you remove any dried liquids that have previously spilled in this area.

Buff the Floor

Set up the buffing machine according to the instructions for that equipment. Insert the cleaning solution into the buffing machine and carefully run the machine over the marble floor. If you are new to the process of buffing the floor, follow any instructions as provided to you by a representative at the rental agency or the home improvement store where you acquired the buffing machine.

Be sure to allow the cleaning solution time to dry before you walk on the floor again. If you'd like, you can mop up the floor once again after the cleaning solution has dried so that you can eliminate any shiny spots or uneven areas on the floor.