How to Build a 3 Tier Bathroom Shelf Part 1

What You'll Need
3/4 -inch Wooden Boards / Plywood
1x1-inch Wood
Tape Measure
Paint or Stain
Tack Cloth
Circular Saw
Wood Glue

A 3 tier bathroom shelf can provide one of the best ways to organize a bathroom space. There are hundreds of elaborately designed bathroom shelves for sale on the market. Sometimes, these shelves are just too small or too huge to fit into your bathroom. Here is a woodworking project that will guide you to building your own 3 tier bathroom shelf.

Step 1. Design the 3 Tier Bathroom Shelf

Go to the bathroom and take a good look at the space intended to be used for the shelf. Decide on the height, width and length of the shelf. Use a tape measure to get accurate dimensions that will work for the chosen area. 

Step 2. Decide on What Type of Wood to Use

Choosing the type of wooden boards to use for this project will depend on your budget and preference. Plywood is the cheapest wooden material that can be used for this woodworking project. However, there are also different types of wooden boards to choose from. Visit a wood shop and ask around for different types of wood and their prices.

Step 3. Cut the Wooden Pieces to Size

According to the dimensions initially measured cut 3 wooden boards of equal size. These boards can be rectangular, square, circular, or even heart-shaped. For a simple 3 tier bathroom shelf, a rectangular or square shape is fine. Also cut four 1x1-inch wood with equal lengths. The length of the wooden pieces will be equal to the desired height of the shelf. These wooden pieces will serve as the shelf’s support or legs.

Step 4. Assemble the 3 Tier Bathroom Shelf

Glue the wooden pieces together to form the bathroom shelf. The wooden support pieces should be glued to every corner of the wooden shelves. Screw the wooden pieces together to reinforce and strengthen it. Check if all the wooden pieces are tightly and evenly screwed into place.

Step 5. Smooth Out Every Surface

Use a sander to smooth any rough surface you find on the assembled shelf. Wipe out any dust or dirt using a tack cloth to make it ready for painting or staining.

Step 6. Paint or Stain the Shelf

Finish the woodworking project by painting or staining the shelf. Choose any color of paint according to your preference. Better yet, choose one that will match the background and the décor on your bathroom. The shelf can also be stained or varnished to give it a more natural appearance. Just be careful when staining the furniture. Unlike paint, a stain can ruin the look of the finished furniture when not stained properly and evenly. Allow the paint or stain to dry before placing it in the bathroom.

Now that the 3 tier bathroom shelf is finished, it’s time to install it in your bathroom. In Part 2, you will learn how to hang your woodworking project securely and precisely.