How To Build A Bamboo Fence

Arthur W

A bamboo fence can take many forms and include other materials but it will always be natural and long lasting. A simple fence can be made out of panels made from bamboo.


•    Bamboo in 5foot lengths
•    Bamboo in 3foot lengths
•    Baling needle
•    Nylon twine

Step 1 – Cut the bamboo

To make the panels you need bamboo that is a fairly standard size. The best length for the horizontal elements is 5feet while the vertical elements can be whatever height you want the panel to be. For this exercise you can assume that each panel is going to be 3feet high.

Step 2 – Start the panel

The panel will consist of three horizontal poles and as many vertical poles as will fit. Tie the twine to one of the 3foot lengths about 6inches from the end.

Step 3 – The first tie

Tie the 3foot length to the end of the 5foot length so that they are at right angles to each other. To do this you will cross the two pieces and take the twine around the back of the 5foot length, bring it forward to go around the three foot length and then back around the 5foot length.

Step 4 – Adjustment

The first 3foot length is now firmly held at 90º to the five foot length. Without releasing the tension on the twine place a second 3foot length alongside the first one and then carry the twine around the 3foot length, bring it around the 5foot length, back around the 3foot length and then once more round the 5foot length.

Step 5 – Examination

If you examine the pattern of the twine it is going around each piece of bamboo twice and holding them firmly together with the tension in the twine.

Step 6 – Get the rhythm

Once you get the rhythm of the binding you will find you will be able to add uprights very quickly until the whole of the 5foot length is covered. At this point you will secure the twine by maintaining the tension and knotting it.

Step 7 – Place the second horizontal

The second horizontal should be put in position about 12inches below the first. You will find weaving the twine around the uprights more difficult because there is not as much room available to work in but you will still be able to duplicate the weaving pattern of the twine and fix the second horizontal in place.

Step 8 – Place the third horizontal

The third horizontal should be fitted about 12inches below the second. Because there will be no movement in the vertical elements you will have to use the baling needle and sew the last horizontal into place. The sewing action is very similar to a blanket stitch except that the tension has to be maintained until the twine can be tied off.

You have now created your first bamboo fence panel which is so solid that it will also act as a bamboo privacy fence. The panels can be tied to fence posts and will last many years. If you want to have a mobile fence these panels are ideal for creating a concertina fence that can be folded or used as a self supporting fence.