How to Build a Barbecue Stand

What You'll Need
1 - 8 feet square sheet of 1/2 inch MDO plywood
6 - 8 foot planks treated solid wood, 4 by 4 inches
2 - 4 by 6, 4 foot planks treated solid wood
2-inch galvanized wood nails
Tape measure
High strength wood epoxy
6 large wood clamps
Table saw
Miter saw
Power drill with 1/2 inch bit
4 - 2 inch screw-in hooks
2 small vertical door hinges
Fine mesh screen, 24 inches square
Galvanized staples and staple gun

Make a barbecue stand as a solid wood table that can support a small gas barbecue or charcoal hibachi grill. Follow these steps to build a table barbecue stand, 38 inches high on a 30-inch table top, with a box below it for your charcoal bags or propane gas tank.

Step 1 - Purchase and Dry Wood for the Project

Purchase all plywood and planks treated with Copper Azol, and let them dry out for 1 to 2 weeks before starting your barbecue stand. Dry wood holds adhesives, glues and nails more effectively.

Step 2 - Measure and Cut Wood for Support Box

This box will hold either your bags of charcoal for a hibachi grill or a tank of propane for a gas barbecue. Cut a total of 20, 4 by 4 wood planks, 24 inches long, and glue them together with wood epoxy. Clamp each panel with 4 large clamps to keep it flat as the epoxy dries. Reinforce the side walls of the box with 1/4 inch MDO plywood strips 2 inches wide at top and bottom, glued then nailed on with 2 inch wood nails. Fasten the box together so it has 3 sides, 16 by 16 by 24 inches, and a top and base the same size when finished.

Step 3 - Build the Table Top

Cut 4 of the 4 by 4 wood planks to 30 inches long. Glue and reinforce them as you did with the side walls. Cut 2 planks 30 inches long and 2 at 16 inches long to make the mitered base of the table top. Miter these plank ends at 34 degrees and match up all 4 corners under the table top. Fasten these to the table top and to each other with wood nails. Attach the table top base to the tank box with wood nails. Fasten 4 hooks into the sloped table base to hang barbecue tools and cooking mitts.

Step 4 - Make an Elevated Base for the Box and Table Top

Cut the 2, 4 by 6 planks into 4 sections, 22 inches long to make the elevated base. From the scraps, cut 4 short legs, 2 inches high each. Cut the remaining 4 by 6 plank into 4 sections 24 inches long and attach to corners of the elevated base and table top. Nail the legs onto the bottom of the finished base corners.

Step 5 - Make a Screen Door for the Box

Cut a panel of MDO plywood to fit the outer edge of the open box panel. Drill several 1/2 inch holes 3 inches in from the edge for ventilation. Attach it with 2 hinges on either side. Trim the mesh screen to fit and staple it inside the wood door. Paint your barbecue stand as desired.