How to Build a Barbed Wire Fence

What You'll Need
Lengths of barbed wire
Fence posts
Staple gun
Wire cutters
A-frame ladder
Tape measure
Note pad and pen
Thick protective gloves

Whether a barbed wire fence is required to keep animals in or intruders out, it can make a useful addition to your boundary. By following a few steps and safety precautions, you can build the security fence yourself without much trouble.

Step 1 – Inspection

Examine the ground beneath where you intend to fit the barbed wire fence so you can determine the best method to use to secure the fence posts that will be required. It will also help you to determine the level of work that will be required to excavate the holes required for the posts and whether any particular tools are required. At this stage, you should also consider the purpose of the fence as this will help you to decide on the style of fence. For example, a length of barbed wire along the top row of your fence may be sufficient for some purposes whereas several rows is better for others.  

Step 2 – Gather Tools and Equipment

After noting down the dimensions and specifications of the proposed barbed wire fence, you will be in a position to gather all the relevant tools and equipment needed to complete the task. If a post hole digger is required, obtain one from a tool hire company along with any other specialist equipment that will make the job easier. To reduce the amount of cutting required, obtain posts that are made to the correct size.

Step 3 – Install Posts     

Begin the process of installing the posts required for the barbed wire fence by digging the holes for them. Make the holes only slightly larger in diameter than the post and between 1½ to 2 feet deep. Start at the point where the first post will become one end of the fence and continue at regular intervals. Be aware that the more posts you use and the closer they are together, the sturdier your fence will be.

Insert the posts into the hole and ask your assistant to hold it in place as you secure it. Depending on the type of soil that you have, you can pour in cement or crushed stone into the hole to secure the base of the pole. If using cement, leave it to dry for at least 24 hours or in accordance with the instructions.  

Step 4 – String Barbed Wire

Once the cement is dry and the posts are secure, you will be able to string up the wire to complete the barbed wire fence. Measure the distance between the first two posts and use the result to cut the correct length of wire, making sure you leave enough to staple the ends to the posts. Make sure that you wear a pair of protective gloves during this process to prevent nicking your hands. Climb the ladder and use a staple gun to attach one end of the wire to the top of the first post before doing the same with the neighboring post, making sure that the wire is taut. Gradually work your way down the posts to add wire at regular intervals using the same process.