How to Build a Barn Truss

A barn truss is the foundation of a barn’s roof. It is different from other structures supported by a truss because of the traditional shape and make of a barn. It is what gives the barn roof its unique shape. This can be made using any type of material you find suitable to make the barn a shelter for anything you would like to store in it. With a bit of carpentry expertise and the materials you regularly need to build any type of wood structure, you can build your own for your barn.

It is always an option to buy a pre-made barn, but if you prefer to do it yourself, the steps below might help you.

Tools and Materials Needed:

Long measuring tape

Wood beams

Wood boards

Nails or bolts

Hammer or screw driver


Metal bracers

Step 1 – Measure the Barn

Get the barn’s length and width using the measuring tape or any other measuring tool. This will give you a good idea of how long and how large the wood beams need to be.

Step 2 – Cut the Wood

Cut the wood boards and beams according to the measurements you took. Give an allowance of about five to ten inches per piece of wood. You can cut the extra wood later once you have seen how it fits into the barn roof.

Step 3 – Attach the Wood Boards Together

Lay the cut wood beams down and fit them together using the metal bracers. You will have to do this for the other side as well.

Step 4 – Brace the Intersections

Attach metal bracers on the intersection between the boards to secure them together. Use nails to secure these in place. If you are using thick wood beams, you might need to use bolts to properly secure this one side of the truss. Do the same with the intersection on the other side of the boards.

Step 5 – Make a Support

Cut up a wood beam long and thick enough to support the two boards. Use the measuring tape to make a precise measurement. This support has to fit under the roof’s peak. Use nails or bolts to secure this part to the beam using the hammer or the screw driver.

Step 6 – Make as Many as Required

Make as many of the trusses as necessary to form an octagon shape and cover the whole barn.

Building a secure barn truss is reliant on measurement and the materials you use to make it. Make sure that the barn trusses are secured with the proper equipment and that the wood is of high-grade quality to make sure that the barn roof will stay in place regardless of heavy rain or wind. Your barn truss can be of any shape and size you want as long as it makes a good foundation for your barn’s roof. Remember that you need a bit of carpentry expertise to build a reliable barn truss. Otherwise, you might want to hire professional carpenters or ask someone who has experience building barn trusses to build your barn’s roof.