How to Build a Basalite Garden Wall

What You'll Need
Basalite Blocks
Tape Measure
Spirit Level

Basalite blocks are suitable for numerous projects around the home, including building a strong and reliable garden wall. Basalite blocks are interlocking concrete blocks which can fit together without the need for any mortar. Building a basalite garden wall is actually easy and can be completed quickly.

Step 1 - Measuring Up

First before you do anything else you will need to think about the size of wall you want to build. Using your tape measure start by measuring the width and depth of the wall. At this point also decide on the height of the proposed wall. This will help you to calculate how many basalite blocks you will need to purchase. Buy more blocks than required rather than too few to allow for mistakes as your cut. Working out the approximate number of blocks required shouldn't be difficult. Measure the size of the blocks or search in Internet for the size before buying.

Step 2 - Planning the Wall

Next take some time to think about the design of the wall and what finish you want to accomplish. The height of the wall is especially important.

Step 3 - Leveling Ground

These blocks need to be built on level ground in order for the wall to be fully stable. Either level and compact the dirt, or cast a cement block to build the wall on. If you don't level the ground, then the wall simply won't be stable and it has a good chance of falling down easily.

Step 4 - Building the Wall

Start by building the wall. Basalite blocks are interlocking concrete bricks which don't require cement. This makes it extremely easy to build the wall. If any mistakes are made, the blocks can be removed and used somewhere else. You will need to cut the blocks so that they fit in the wall properly.

Step 5 - Cutting Blocks

Basalite Bricks are lightweight concrete blocks that are designed to be easy to cut. They can be cut using a block cutter or, alternatively, a normal saw. Cutting the blocks with a saw will make it much more accurate. Make sure that the blocks are carefully cut to the right size and shape so that they fit together properly and there aren't any gaps between the bricks.

Step 6 - Checking the Wall

Now use the spirit level to check that the basalite wall is completely level. If the wall isn't level, this will create weaknesses and cause problems. Once the wall is built the void can be filled with soil. Basalite blocks are very light, however, they are strong and can be used as a retaining wall.