How to Build a Basement Rec Room

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What You'll Need
Entertainment system

A basement recreation room is a great place to bring the family together to play and relax. It’s a very informal space and you don’t need to worry about keeping it as neat as the living room. Building a basement recreation room is something most people can do once the basement has been finished. The main thing is to plan it all out carefully. Follow these steps to build your recreation room.

Step 1 - Planning

Before you build a basement recreation room from your finished basement, you need to plan it. You have a large space to fill, so you should work-out how to use it most effectively. Allow areas for different activities. One should be for relaxation, another for entertainment. Don’t forget a place for storage.

Step 2 - Entertainment

An entertainment area is vital. You can build a home theater with surround sound, including a large flat screen television which can also be used to play video games. You’ll need a surround sound system, good seating, and lighting. Before you go shopping for these items, create a budget and make sure you stick to it. It’s easy to overspend on a home theater system.

Step 3 - Relaxation

The entertainment area can double as a relaxation area if there’s not much space. If that’s the case, it’s vital that you offer enough floor and comfortable seating space for everyone to sprawl out and play. An area like this will promote togetherness for the family, which is always important. Have a coffee table in this area so that you can play board games together or eat snacks.

Step 4 - Storage

Leave one part of the basement recreation room for storage. By including storage rooms in your basement, you can keep all the clutter out of sight. Adding a closet to keeps clothes can be a boon.

Step 5 - Lighting

You’ll need different lighting for different areas of the basement recreation room. Dimmer switch lighting is ideal for the home theater or entertainment area. In the relaxation area, have a mix of overhead and table lighting. That way you can have lighting that meets any need.

Step 6 - Stairs

To many homeowners, the basement stairs are something to be hidden because the look tatty and worn. If you’ve created a basement recreation room, then you need the stairs to be inviting. The stairs should be the last step in building the room. Cover the wood with carpet or high-quality treads and make certain there’s a secure railing on the stairs to avoid slips and accidents.