How to Build a Basket Weave Fence

What You'll Need
Wooden boards
Wooden posts
Post hole digger
Power saw

A basket weave fence is often used on the edges of property to ensure the privacy of the people in the home. The height of the fence will be dependent upon the height of the basket weave fence which is built. There are a lot of different types of basket fence that can be used to work on both a hill side or a flat street. In order to create a basket weave fence, you will need to install some other posts, and then work the fence to fit around it. Fitting a weave fence like this is not too difficult, but takes a little amount of skill and technique.

Step 1 -Install the Posts

Before you start digging a hole for the posts, you can saturate the bottom quarter of the posts with a wood preserver or varnish, and allow it to penetrate the wood overnight. The following day, you should then decide where the fence post will be placed. Mark this area with a line of chalk, or by using a spray paint. You will need to place the posts around 6 or 7 feet apart in order to get the best placement for your posts. Once you have decided where they will go, you will have to use your post hole digger to make the hole. Place a handful of gravel at the bottom of the hole, and then insert the post. Do this for all of the posts that you wish to install.

Step 2 - Install the Fence Board

Once you have placed the posts into position like this, you will then need to use a level to ensure that they are straight, and then install the lowest rail. Cut the main board of your fence, and nail it into position. The board should be nailed to the bottom rail, and large slits cut into the board. These slits should number six or seven cuts for every 2 feet of board that you have. Carry on all around the fence, until you have a series of boards installed.

Step 3 - Add the Weave

You should now be ready to add the weave to your posts. Begin by cutting some lumber to the same size as your fence, and then pushing the lumber between the first cut on your board. Pushing the lumber downwards, pull it towards you through the next gap, and then out again through the third gap. Proceed until the lumber is pushed through all of the gaps in the fence in the same way, and then nail to the lower rail.

Step 4 - Finishing the Fence

Once you have installed the lower rail, you can then proceed to ensure that the posts stay firmly in position by adding a layer of concrete to their holes. Mix the concrete and then pour into the holes. Use the spirit level to keep the posts straight, and then add a layer of earth on top of the concrete to ensure that there is no sagging. Leave to dry for about a week.