How to Build a Bassinet

What You'll Need
large, sturdy basket at least 22 inches long
foam or any other material suitable for the bassinet mattress (blankets, pillows, etc.)
bassinet fitted sheet
baby-patterned (or white, pink/blue, yellow/green, etc.) sheet

A bassinet is an important and functional piece of furniture for a newborn baby. This portable and mobile basket can be kept next to your bed at night and placed in the living room or wherever you are in the house during the day. Babies sleep in a bassinet from their birth until three or four months of age. The rather short useful life of the item makes it expensive, and to a certain extent, an unreasonable luxury. You can avoid problems of this kind if you build a bassinet yourself.

 Step 1- Make Sure the Basket is Suitable

Regardless of the shape of the basket, whether it is an oval or rectangular one, it must have a strong, solid and wide bottom with a smooth surface. The bassinet will be safe for the baby if the basket's sides are made of air-permeable material.

 Step 2 - Choose Material for the Bassinet Mattress

Buy a square of 2-inch thick foam or other suitable cushioning for the bottom of the bassinet. This piece of material has to be a little larger than the bottom of the basket.

Step 3 - Make the Bassinet Mattress

Place the foam on the bottom of the basket and cut to make it fit well, with no gaps between the foam and the bassinet. Take the foam out of the basket and spread the bassinet fitted sheet over the foam to make it look like a real little mattress.

Step 4 - Prepare the Drapery

Place the baby-patterned sheet into the basket. Press the center of the sheet over the bottom, poking it in the corners (or around the edge if the basket is oval). Leave the rest of the fabric to flow up and cover the top edges.  

Step 5 - Place the Mattress and Wait

Place the foam mattress inside the basket, making sure that the sheet is tightly fitted. Now, the scene is nearly set for your little sweetie.

Step 6 - Choose the Bassinet Bedding

You can buy bassinet bedding or create a masterpiece of your own. In any case, you have to choose fabric (or ready-made bedding) suitable for the baby’s tender skin, such as cotton and fleece. Select fabric that is machine washable and wash it before you stitch or place it in the basket. Now, you have a cozy, attractive and inviting bassinet. When the baby comes, do not place any stuffed toys, pillows or other objects into the bassinet, as they can cause suffocation. While your baby is sleeping in the bassinet, ensure that his or her feet are at the bottom of the bassinet, so he or she will not slip under the sheet.